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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
No offense leathered, but there's a lot of dissonance in your mod, if you can finetune the samples so they are not dissonant between each other, I think it's a great version!
None taken! I tweaked it a bit already, but sounds like not enough. The double bass also caused some problems between the different sections with slightly varying pitch during the sample. I was doing most of it in the 'phones, after a while my ears just get tired. And cheers mate!

@adrdesign: I'm glad you picked out the Indy bits, it just happened & seemed to fit. I was also thinking Twin Peaks for some of it, but when I listen to that soundtrack it's actually not much like I imagined.

And your remix is bringing a big 'ol smile to my face. I was wondering if somebody could make anything out of those crazy pan flute sounds and I love the sax. The mod literally seems to stand still in the beginning!

And Galahad; happy to assist and looking forward!
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