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Originally Posted by JimDrew View Post
I pointed out the facts between products. If that's a negative to someone, then so be it. I really don't care too much about "preservation" (sic). However, SuperCard Pro has a superior capture resolution compared to KryoFlux (fact), it uses superior capture hardware for the signal edge detection (fact), so it does make a more accurate representation of the original - a fact that is disputed by the Kryoflux team who believe you can't tell the difference, when clearly you can. So, SuperCard Pro does a better job of "preserving" the original contents of a disk, including any problems the disk might have - like defective media. A program verifying a disk and letting you know it is defective is not going to magically make your defective disk work. A bad disk is a bad disk, and other than cleaning it (which you should probably do anyways) there is little that you can do to fix it.

I wanted something that would make WORKING disk copies TODAY. 99.99% of the people just want a working copy of their original disk, while that elite .01% wants it verified against other known samples as well. People just want to make an image of a disk and use the image to create a working disk later. That's really about it. SuperCard Pro does that.

There are several programs that already support .scp image file format (which was released to developers early on so they could support it). HxC's floppy emulator supports .scp files, so you can read and write .scp images, converting them from/to numerous other disk formats. Aufit supports .scp images for verifying Atari ST dumps. SAMDisk is getting updated to support .scp images, and I am working with the FPGA Replay project adding flux level support for it. Other emulation authors have obtained the SDK and image file format from me, so we will see in the future how many more programs are added.

To be frank, I was going to write some code for the KryoFlux board but the KF team was less than friendly about it, telling me that I didn't know anything about disk copying. I had a news flash for these youngsters, I started writing tape and disk copiers in the 70's. It was part of my daily business until about 2001. There is nobody on the KF team that has been doing this longer than me. It's certainly no secret that I produced dozens of commercial disk copiers (both hardware and software) for the PET, C64, and Amiga. I was also involved with the Option Board project when I worked at Central Point Software. So, due to the KF team's attitude I decided to make my own hardware and software and offer it to public. You can thank them for this product becoming available.

My goal was to make a tool that people could use immediately and to create an openly available image format that could be adopted by emulation authors (which I also am - EMPLANT, FUSION, PCx, AII, ACE, etc.) to provide the lowest level possible so that 100% of everything on disk could be used just like the real deal.

So, hundreds of boards (in 22 different countries so far) later, I think I am on my way to reaching my goal, but there is still a lot left to do. The SuperCard Pro can be a floppy drive emulator (like HxC), and I have a 1541 emulation that it am working on. SuperCard Pro can be a stand alone device too. It doesn't need a USB port to copy disks, so there are some neat microcontroller based projects that will be released as open source add-ons. I have always developed my products based on the feedback from the public, so any ideas you might have, I would certainly like to hear from you.

For more information on SuperCard Pro and other products, please see my website:
Thanks for posting, Jim.

You now have another SuperCard Pro customer!
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