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From the collectors point of view the KF is the ideal solution. I own more than 1.400 Amiga games and with the IPF's which are easy to find I can preserve more than 99% of my games. The important part is that I can repair the games with a raw and unmodified copy and not with an unverified and perhaps bad user copy. Softpres has made a big effort to the community to verify every single game. At the end of the day IPF & KF is a hard/software combination which I can trust blindly - the most important part for a collector/gamer. Nothing is more horrible when a guru comes in the last level of a game.

It seems that SC can do an similar job but I never know which copy I'll hold in my hand and I think that's the disadvantage of this solution. The "offered backup service" is IMHO also an evidence for that. For preservation you need not only a good hardware - you need also a good and working game database. The offer sounds more like a try to build a database on the cost of the community (you have to pay shipping) than a serious backup service.

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