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So... You said:
Originally Posted by JimDrew View Post
The *only* thing it had to be told were about 1/2 track usage and weak bit usage. Other than that, it could generate a working disk simply by reading a master disk.

Rob Northen said:
Trace would supply format files to read-in standard formatted disks, but if the format was non-standard, as in a protected disk then the duplicator would have to write a format file of their own to read-in the floppy.

And I was like:
Originally Posted by mr.vince View Post
Scripts had to be made. There was no blind copying; Trace was against flux level copying - as this could not be verified.

I am very pleased we manged to get that sorted. We all agree that blind copying (flux duplication) was depreceated and for everything that wasn't known anyway (standard formats natively supported by duplication equipment) scripts had to be created. Even if this was a fully automated process in some scenarios, the format was understood and then written, so dupes could be verified.
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