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I just stated that I'd like to see a more down to earth conversation Burseg. Calling him a troll over and over won't get your anywhere further than him saying winUAE suxx. I didn't jump into the fray earlier because I didn't really have anything to offer that the people who replied haven't already suggested (and because I'm a low life who don't read all topics but rather just follow a couple).

I'm with what's already been said here which is, try another version, or upgrade your rig, or at least make sure you have up to date drivers.

And if I wanted to just follow the same example of "this is true for me so it must be true for everyone" then I'd tell him to get the hell off windows 2k if he's on that because it suxxors. But I won't because I know that just because 2k was nothing but a step back for me it might work out better for him and anyone else.

Just play nice, that's all I ask. You don't have to like each other, but don't go calling each other names hoping that the other one will fold first and say he's the one who's wrong on everything. It won't happen I'm afraid.
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