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Hmmm Flaw in my plan..

Has anyone gotten this to work with a Kickstart disk image on an Amiga 1000?

I've tried a kickstart 1.3 and a kickwork disk, and neither seem to work..

Does this not support kickstart ADF images??
(Note: I did get this to work on my A1000, but I had to use a kickstart floppy in the A1000, then I unkooked the power and the floppy cable from the real drive. Then I plugged in the floppy cable and then the floppy power to the GOTEK. And then it worked, but not with any kickstart ADFs so far..)


I just had a great idea..
(I have them all the time, but for some reason they tend to lose their "greatness" once verbalized... )

Can I hook up both the Gotek And my Amiga 1000 floppy at the same time, both as DF0, but use a toggle switch (just on the power to the drives?) so I can have either the Gotek OR the internal as active?
That way, I can have the Gotek attached via the cable thru the side port (which is already open for my tomthul IDE) and just flip a switch to use the internal if I want to use a real floppy?

Obviously, I'd have to make a floppy cable that has 2 connectors and no flipped wires..
But wondering if I could just toggle which device has power???

Just a thought..


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