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Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
Just a question Nova: do you think using the Prisma would free some CPU use and then it would be possible for example to run Full Throttle on a 030?
The basic plan at this stage is to off-load music decompression to this card (instead of using the CPU to do the decompression work) and then use AHI/Paula to play SFX/speech as per normal. Full Throttle and some other games support FLAC/OGG for music playback, other games need MIDI support for music.

These are very early days so I have no idea what the quality will be like (esp when using the clock-port). I also don't know how many CPU cycles this approach will free up yet.

It's a shame it's not a 'real' sound card with stereo 16bit 44Khz AHI support, that would be really cool. I guess the clock-port would struggle to pump that much data anyway? It doesn't sound like the AHI driver is much of a priority and it probably wouldn't offer any advantage over just using Paula (as far as I can tell).

Some kind of MIDI support would also be a nice addition if there was ever going to be a V2 card.

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