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Originally Posted by StingRay View Post
Well, I know that the project was started long before this certain person turned up. However, that very person was one of the reasons for the project becoming known to a lot of people due to his aggressive "marketing style" and in the end that was what killed it IMHO as there were lots of false promises made and people believed them. Until they realised that, except for hot air, not much happened. And this surely wasn't the fault of the hardware developer.

There might be other reasons as well but for me, this is one of the major reasons that this project is in its current state which doesn't look too good.

I do believe that there are working prototypes but these few units still don't mean that the project is finished and I don't think it ever will be.
i think the project as such got where it could ever get and has actually served the goal it was meant for, namely the fun on fooling with it. im certain thomas had fun with it for the time being, and at some point he has been annoyed enough for something that s been supposed just to be fun or got otherwise demotivated and has given up.

even if he succeeded bringing up such a complicated hardware as far as an actual release might be thinkable, the delivery and support would be whole new challenge, and beyond that likely not fun at all.
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