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Originally Posted by wawa View Post
dont think you can blame it just on that one person. natami has been worked on for years before even the one you are talking about got involved and the progress pace was not that promising as far as i could judge by its internet presence. at that time the development at individual computers was more likely to succeed and be delivered. so chances are, either way natami would actually ot get much further.
Well, I know that the project was started long before this certain person turned up. However, that very person was one of the reasons for the project becoming known to a lot of people due to his aggressive "marketing style" and in the end that was what killed it IMHO as there were lots of false promises made and people believed them. Until they realised that, except for hot air, not much happened. And this surely wasn't the fault of the hardware developer.

There might be other reasons as well but for me, this is one of the major reasons that this project is in its current state which doesn't look too good.

I do believe that there are working prototypes but these few units still don't mean that the project is finished and I don't think it ever will be.
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