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Originally Posted by StingRay View Post
Well, as for the Natami, it actually is a valid reason! There were certain "interesting" (make of that what you will!) people involved in that project which really killed it IMHO. One of these persons was someone who can talk all day long but all that is produced is hot air, still waiting that this person shows me how to disassemble the Kickstart ROM in 1 week *sic*.
dont think you can blame it just on that one person. natami has been worked on for years before even the one you are talking about got involved and the progress pace was not that promising as far as i could judge by its internet presence. at that time the development at individual computers was more likely to succeed and be delivered. so chances are, either way natami would actually ot get much further.

also i talked to someone who has one of the units himself, and he actually claimed it working within its limits.

also look at all other projects. tina was a certain fail to start with. vampire 600 has actually been done but i guess its developer had to burnout sooner or later. fpga arcade still isnt released, not to talk about its 060 card. and so on..

in conclusion i guess even hardware has an only chance as open community project. even though i dont think there is enough energy along with skill left even if bundled.
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