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Originally Posted by JimDrew View Post
No, and it appears that nobody associated with that project cares to support flux level images. I asked about this support a few months ago. Flux level is the only way to have 100% guaranteed compatibility for floppies.
With flux level copying, there is no such thing as "protection". Everything, regardless of disk format can be duplicated.
Isn't it like analog copies of tapes for example where the copy gets degraded for every iteration? I mean, the exact timing will be a little different for each drive and will change a bit between each read and write. Thus, if you make a copy of a copy and so on, you will eventually end up with a non-working copy, even if the media is fault-less and the drive as good as they come? If this happens, then how can you verify with 100% certainty that the copy is functionally identical to the source?
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