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Got mine working!

I got the exact model USB/serial device that kipper2k has from his pics earlier (I was all ready with my crimper.. Didn't realize it came with those header plugs on it already!!).
Funny, it came with JUST the cable. No docs, nothing. Just the cable in an envelope.

I loaded the driver that was mentioned earlier in this thread.

I just matched the pic from kipper2k's post, wire colors and all.

Hooked it up, loaded the tool..
Didn't see the device..
Tried it again..



Checked voltage, yep... Looks good..
Unplugged power to the device and back in.. Tried it again, and THEN it saw the device!
Flashed it...
Threw a couple ADFs on my USB stick, went to hook it up in the A500..

After an initial issue with the floppy cable pulling out (that's a short cable...), got the selector.adf to load!!!


Chose my game, restarted.. black screen..
Hey, what ADF did I grab.. Um.. Putty Squad.. the Amiga 1200 game... :-(
Duh!! (It was in my DL directory.. ;-)

So, I go grab an Amiga OCS floppy (Tetris) and try THAT...

Works great!!!


Now, I have to decide what to do with this device, but works great..


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