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I think just about everybody here need to calm down. Including you Burseg. The massive use of the word "troll" doesn't exactly leave the best impression. And I've seen people online with a lot worse manners than what has been displayed in this and the other thread.

@trodas : It's common courtesey when asking for help on something to be cooperative and helpful yourself in trying to iron out the problem. You won't get anywhere by dismissing everything everyone says as crap. Don't knock it till you've tried it. After all you came looking for a solution because what you knew wasn't enough right?
Toni does a wonderful job with winUAE even though there might still be some bugs and problems to be worked out.
Taking the image file from your WHDload does not always work, in fact, the games I've tried to do that with haven't worked at all. I'm afraid you'll need to go for that "illegal crack" as you state it, play it on your Amiga or cope with winUAE as it is, or at least try to help out when asking for help.

At any rate, I don't think there should be talk of banning quite yet (as there was in the other thread). Instead try to stop this namecalling and try to cooperate a bit and try to bear over with whatever it is you find annoying about someone else. I don't think namecalling and singling out people as bad people has ever done anything to this world, except maybe a couple of wars. Never anything constructive anyway.
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