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Sorry for my late reply.
But i'm busy at AUDI Neckarsulm now and this Saturday i will go back to Thailand.
Last weekend i just managed it to refurbish and reactivate my old RBM Towerhawk II (A4000D+CSPPC etc.).
But one of my A4000T's is broken now. These old ladies are keeping me busy till i die.

And so i have not much time for WinUAE too.
Actually i just started to play with WinUAE again to prepare a 8GB cf card for one of my A1200's.
I used your PFS3 aio handler (RDB) for it and it works great.

I can see the black bar is gone now.
And i didn't know the 566th line is just just filled with border color.
But on real (Amiga) monitors i never used an overscan area down to the 566th line since it's usually outside the visible area.
Maybe i will check this on real hardware when i'm back home in about 6 weeks.

btw ... these large borders should be normal for PAL Amigas (752x576 or about 572/574) if u don't use black border patches etc.
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