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Bah. That's it. You are a TROLL
its suspicious that you need illigal, cracked version just to run it under WinUAE...
That cant be true?!
No you are a TROLL and that's true. Your adf cannot run under WinUAE. For original games. You must use CAPS images or find another emulator which does boot whdload disk.x files. You are free to code yours.
i better hear that my config suxx
Do whatever you want TROLL
Okay, obtain orginal and give it a try. But dont be surprised that it dont run!
You don't have the "original" TROLL You have a non working .adf
I try yours... version...
Ever heard of TOSEC TROLL?

Are you trying to get your game working or are you here to bitch?
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