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Originally Posted by JimDrew View Post
That's not quite true. The KF team are no dummies. They do have a long history of copying things, but they are not exactly approachable and are very protective of the preservation mission. This really ticked off a lot of people, which prompted me to look at making software for the KF board to make immediate copies, and the rest is history. So, I do agree with some of the KF teams assessments and ideas. If it's right, it's right - and it would be foolish to argue about it just for the sake of arguing.

It's a niche market, but if sales continue as they are there will be thousands of SCP boards out there by the end of the year.
I found that the Kryoflux team are very approachable but I also know that people are people, there's ways and means of dealing with everyone. As I work in the field of electronics my biggest gripe is that standards aren't adhered to and that causes many issues because I am constantly adapting to new and sometimes counterproductive standards. What the community needs is a proper standard whether it be IPF or SCP or even a combination of both. These products are niche products and their volumes will be low but no one will win if there's a constant sniping between the parties.

Each product should have the ability to do a bit by bit comparison with editing and also an exact timing for some of the weirder Amiga copy protection structures. Clear and concise documentation and ongoing support. Time isn't on anyone's side here, the disks are slowly faltering day by day and as someone who needs a good disk duplicator for saving my patch data, it's more important to me as an end user that I know my data will be preserved for as long as I need it in a format that I can continue to use.
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