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Originally Posted by voyager View Post
The electronics inside wil be the same, as the once's with the lcd display.

I orderd the same usb to TTL, did not use it yet, still waiting for the gotek.
I did do some loopback tests with it and it looks good. there are 3 led's on them for power TX and RX.

I Think that most of the flash problems are related to not having enough power on the usb port.
Ok, so I guess that the "motherboard" will just lack the buttons which could be soldered on to gain that functionality - did any1 try that ? Or did everyone buy the LCD ones ? I got an offer for the LCD/button-less version for 15 EUR a piece... but don't want to buy if it is not gonna work in the end

Good about the usb to ttl - will get it then

Thanx !
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