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Originally Posted by Loedown View Post
Appreciate your whole CV and life story, no really.

I am sure this whole thing could have been sorted out off board. Two companies, two ideals and there's not a chance in hell that either of you will agree.
That's not quite true. The KF team are no dummies. They do have a long history of copying things, but they are not exactly approachable and are very protective of the preservation mission. This really ticked off a lot of people, which prompted me to look at making software for the KF board to make immediate copies, and the rest is history. So, I do agree with some of the KF teams assessments and ideas. If it's right, it's right - and it would be foolish to argue about it just for the sake of arguing.

It's a niche market, but if sales continue as they are there will be thousands of SCP boards out there by the end of the year.
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