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Originally Posted by wilshy View Post
Just hope it doesn't take away some of the unique mystique behind those doing this sort of thing already
This will undoubtedly happen to an extent, but we'll see then, if more people use it, who are really the bad asses
I'm interested in it being used for livesets of people who maybe have Amiga tracks now but play them in Ableton or something because they have no real live performance option to play them with a real Amiga.
But for example, gwEm made STj, and nobody else plays it like he does, really. He's still the master.

To be honest, for me, relying on such a gimmick to push my performance ahead of others, is ridiculous, so it's best when stuff is out in the wild and the method isn't important anymore, rather the skills, the "crate" digging, etc.
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