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I have been testing with 2 CD32's (and 1 extra laser-unit) lately and cd-r's and I'm having different results with both machines with cd-r's as well as originals.

Kid Chaos (original) takes a lot longer to load on 1 CD32 vs the other. But after all, the game works fine on both CD32's.

I was told verbatim cd-r's were the best so I use these. I use Nero 6 in a VMware (windows XP) om my Windows 7 laptop. Nero 6 doesn't work on windows 7. My cd-burner only excepts 10x speed as the lowest...

I've burned Super Stardust, Pinball Illusions and Marvin's Marvellous Adventure.

These games only work when I turn both CD32's off and back on with the discs in them. A reset of the machine doesn't boot the games. Also it takes a while before the game loads and the spinning of the cd makes a different sound (hick-ups) compared to originals.

Pinball Illusions works fine on both machines although it also takes a little longer to load on one of the CD32 machines. Pinball Illusions doesn't have a heavy intro compared to Super Stardust.

Super Stardust has an intro where every cut-scene is loaded after each other. This works fine on one CD32, but on the CD32 which loads every game slow (even originals) it takes a long time before the first cut-scene is loaded. When the 1st cut-scene is finished it should instantly start the next cut-scene but on the slow CD32 it's takes a long time before the next cut-scene is loaded. During this load-time the sound of the previous cut-scene is hanging...

Conclusion: not every CD32 (or laser-unit) is the same. I cleaned the laser of the slow CD32 but it didn't help. I'm trying to find an other CD32 which doesn't have the slow-loading problems (because the other CD32 is for my brother ).

Messing with new cd-r's on a 20 year old machine takes a very long time and causes frustration
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