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Originally Posted by PeterK View Post
Hi gulliver,

nice that you changed the and created a and a in ENVARC:Sys/.

But furthermore, you can add a, and, which are also recognized by the icon.library.

And if you like then you can add a lot more files to ENVARC:Sys/ and use the WBStartup/DefIcons commodity from the NewIcons package together with the ENVARCefIcons.prefs from NewIcons or better from for more definitions like,, and a so on.
Hello Peter,
Thank you for your suggestions.

I am currently having a bit of a headache with defincons in BetterWB and I would really like to use DefIcons44, but it seems to require AmigaOS 3.5, and probably a 020+

On the other hand, is already present in BetterWB v3.5 and I will soon add both tool and project def icons as you mentioned.

BTW, would it be too much to ask, since you have the skills, if you could help me out by hacking env-handler ( to work on a 68000 (like you did with copyicon)? I need it for BetterWB to save some ram when using deficons in glowicons format.

Let me know what you think
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