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Originally Posted by Gordon View Post
I wish it was all 2D
like Doom which is basically 2D game with 3D projection.

Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
I *never used the direction icons with the mouse. Arrow keys+mouse and a fast Amiga. Works perfectly fine in 3D.
1) how can I speed up UAE?
2) is there key for 90 degrees turn (beside right mouse click)?
- it would be perfect to have 90 degrees turn on keyboard and run-forward key on keyboard.

...and yes, direction keys with mouse are useless.

btw I just notice side effect of using UAE!
- if you use snapshot (or whatever is called option in UAE for saving Amiga state) you can easily ruin the game since Ambermoon save state of treasure chest on harddrive and personal possession in RAM. so if you e.g. take object from treasure chest and leave location and than load Amiga state before taking object from treasure chest and check again treasure chest there will be no objects (!!) since AmberMoon save state of treasure chest on harddrive!

EDIT: watching [ Show youtube player ] I understand why it takes 30+ hours to finish the game: you will spent 20+ hours in navigating through 3D corridors

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