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Originally Posted by SKOLMAN_MWS View Post
DSP decoder does not support import raw PCM files, Prisma subsystem must fly add WAV header.
Yeah it is not as advanced as I gave it credit for.

Originally Posted by SKOLMAN_MWS View Post
Mixer do what else, enough to read about audio codec in Prisma and see that it is the LINE1 LINE2/MIC (after all, it's obvious, that there is no problem with connecting external sound and mixing).
Yeah, that is analog mixing. It has line-in for analog CD music input (the old style Analog CD audio).

The hardware Digital Mixing seems to really suck (16-bit mono?). But perhaps it can all be implemented in software on the DSP?

This chip seems like a VERY strange choice. It's serial data interface must be the reason for it's choice.

It seems a very low end choice for the a sound card. More like the MASPlayer.

I look forward to seeing how it works and some posts from the software & hardware developers.

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