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7-Zark-7 - is good include also the orginal postings from Amigaboy and such individuals, what dont do anythin except insulting
BTW, and whats your normal reaction when ppls insult you? I insult back. Some ppls just deserve that.
And smileys rules

andreas - thx for pointing out, that WHDload (mostly, to be VERY precise ) using only ORGINALS and do NOT modify the orginal diskimages (aka ADF files) into ANY way.
With some exceptions, like you mention - also some games are stupid enought to save positions on their own disk and such, but since the game writen back on floppy (Trex Warrior) works (at least the intro works on every Amigas i ever tried), its suspicious that you need illigal, cracked version just to run it under WinUAE...
That cant be true?!

Burseg - i better hear that my config suxx (sorry, i dont use centering, but i use 800x600 32bit P96 WB, so, i mostly leave the size at 800x600), that i have diferent image, what simply do not work with UAE. Okay, obtain orginal and give it a try. But dont be surprised that it dont run!
I try yours... version...
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