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I finish entire AmberStar few times (first time on ST back in 90s without walkthrough).
I do like AmberMoon also but I do not like (more precise: HATE) Wolfenstein engine in 3D map.

btw best 3D engine on ST in Wolfenstein 3D by Ray/tSCc and it is use in FPS, not in RPG.
"thanks" to 3D engine in AmberMoon I:
1) looking at pixels in super large size
2) spending hours instead of minutes lurking through corridors
3) open 2D maps every few second (vs few minutes in AmberStar)
it is terrible and I do not want to argue with anybody if it is better or whatever

I just want to know if there is efficient way to move in 3D world in AmberMoon (one click = one tile forward, or 90 degrees left or right...)
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