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Originally Posted by kovacm View Post
I play AmberMoon for two days and keep wondering how they manage to fuck up so simple thing: tile based 3D maze.

It was perfect in AmberStar but this 3D Wolfenstein like shit in AmberMoon make entire game barely playable!

is there any way (patch, hint, keyboard shortcuts...) to move in 3D by "tiles" and not in this horrible "free look"?
I don't understand your point. If you don't like the view of Ambermoon don't play it... The didn't fuck up anything, they have just done one of the best 3D engine on a basic Amiga. If it was a traditionnal tile based 3D maze, it will be another game.

To me it sounds like asking a patch to play Doom by tiles and not as it is supposed to be played. Strange...
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