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True, there are some limits (especialy your monitor is the problem), but the 512x384 is beautifull resolution - DoubleScan is turned on, except if you have ATI card
The problem is more frequently used 640x480 and 640x512 defined by PowerStrip
It took me a while to convice driver team at nVidia to even try this (take to look at news on the page, look bellow...) and when they try, they get the idea - because the display looked nice (no wonder), so, it will be into future drivers - but any aditional complainings that it is not it will speed-up things at least.
(since into current beta 42.60 is not even fixed the max 75Hz for doublescan resolutions problem yet! ...and another my bugreport about halving verticaly overlay window size into doublescaned resolutions have bug id about 73800+, while last solved issue into 42.60 is 71 948... )

Not to mention that my personal goal is archieve this for ATI users too

To put it short, PCs must archieve whats on Amigas possible since 1996
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