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Hey guys, any new info on PT1210?
DataStorm14 is over, any material from the presentation of yours? Or was there any after all?
I've seen the short footage from DS14 at YT, it sounded really great (the music, not the recorded video but shown very little in terms of the most awaited (and probably will be the most influantial) amiga app in the last decade - or better two.
the gfx looked great on the monitor duh..

any plans to add some hardware controller support?
the best would be a mapable system, where you can map any action of the "deck" to a supported controller
- but if you would just select some specific ones and hard-wired the actions for those, that would be nice as well.
midi interfaces are still dirt cheap for classic amiga as ever, and plenty of new(ish) midi controller still got midi DINs so plenty of amiga compatible midi stuff out there to get (older ones are cheap too
or it could be simple a joystick/joypad support, thats 8 direction + 2 buttons = 10 actions, or more, if one button act like a modifier/shift.
or a ps1 controller (with adapter, tracker hero supports it fe.) it could provide hard surface for pretty much all of the functions of a deck - all in your hand

not to mention and how much better is to smash the buttons till crack on a ps1 pad than putting your beloved MiggyDeck or the original C= keyboard to the risk of get crashed by you while jamming real hard on hardcore amiga jungle modz

if such a system could be realized by you, even a very basic one, then please, consider it to implement one!
im already wet like a schoolgirl on a takethat renuion gig, and by now i really wanna cum by the PT1210, so please, any new info would help to bear the waitD

Ah, one more: MED support possible? if it is, you could even make a separate "OM1210", an OctaMED Deck, then a real MED vs MOD set could be realized
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