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You got it all wrong...

It's NOT an Europe vs US thing.

Just none of us being from US can understand why this seems to be perfectly normal to do for someone else who happens to be not from Europe.
However, I did hear about some intense "advertising" between competing products over there (maybe just in the past?) so I am not certain whether this is then semi-accepted form of advertising your product or not.
Please feel free to tell me as I am genuinely interested - maybe what has happened would not be considered as pure insults over there; I simply have no way of knowing as I haven't been raised in the US.

So is this specific to some vendors or more like "casual fun"?
As I said this is genuine interest, to understand better.

desiv: the moral high ground was NOT taken by KryoFlux at all.
But I don't think we should accept how things go, unless someone can confirm that it's somewhat normal. (see above)
Then I wouldn't care anymore.

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