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Originally Posted by IFW View Post
Totally agree
Good to hear... Nice to see people able to take the high ground... er..
Originally Posted by IFW View Post
- but let's make one thing absolutely clear:
OK, so you totally agree it shouldn't be done, and then continue it?
Of course, your side may be right, but as I mentioned, I don't think that's the point..
Originally Posted by IFW View Post
Maybe this is perfectly normal to do in the US, but over here in Europe, it's not exactly...
Well, I see a smiley, but I'm not sure how this became a U.S. versus Europe thing??
I wouldn't think you would speak for all of Europe, and I would hope you would realize that J.D. doesn't speak for all of the U.S.

Originally Posted by IFW View Post
As they say: what goes around comes around.
Yes it does..

Probably won't be buying or recommending any or your products..
Nothing against the hardware, just my choice of who to buy from / recommend.
(Not that I think that's a big deal.. ;-) One guy on the internet with no cred.. Just my choice as a customer..)

Again, I don't own any J.D. products. I do own yours. And like it.
I won't say anything bad about it..

Have a good one..

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