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Totally agree - but let's make one thing absolutely clear: it was not anyone from KryoFlux or SPS who said the other product was totally inferior etc... the negative campaign/discredit style "advertising" was totally JD's idea, and he delivered in spades... it's his MO for all of his products. Just do a google search.
in fact spent months saying that, even at places like CommVex... (and you can find "reference material" in droves in other forums).
If that never happened, we would have no problems whatsoever.
Maybe this is perfectly normal to do in the US, but over here in Europe, it's not exactly...

As they say: what goes around comes around.

We would never ever think about pointing out problems with being a "fancy Synchro Express" at this day and age (which is yes, nothing more than an uncertain backup method), if that thing would not be willfully compared to KryoFlux.
If spreading FUD happens we are in our right to point out that it's a completely different product and WHY - I see no reason to lie down and just say, sure... we did that for a while, but that got old by now.
Someone has spent over a year spreading FUD about KryoFlux.
It's perfectly natural to point out why that's FUD. if anyone is concerned about point (2) as very well pointed out by desiv - feel free to agree with that and buy a KryoFlux

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