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Just my opinion, but I'd recommend vendors avoid trying to make other vendors look bad..
I see 2 realistic outcomes..
1: The people who love product X will still love product X and the people who love product Y will still love product Y.
2: People will lose respect for both vendors, but mostly the one "accusing."

Option 3, someone "realizes the error of their ways," is really unlikely, regardless of how "right" you believe you are.

Now, that's not the case when you are just informing people about the features they might not have known about or even correcting people about misinformation about your own product.

But once one side starts doing the "Ah, gotcha; look how bad he is," they lose..

That said, I own a Kryoflux and think it's great.. The only consumer issue I have is the creation and availability of IPF images, but that is improving...

The SuperCard looks to be an interesting product, and with some of the features (like direct 1541 attachment) looks to be more consumer friendly oriented.

I think it's great both products are here for us as users...
Love my Kryoflux tho.. ;-)

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