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Many projects with many options are generally good for Amiga hobbiests, although not necessarily for the people selling the devices..

The HxC is a great looking device I have recommended to many people as a polished solution.
When I saw the thread on the Pi powered device with the LCD, I was intrigued.
I can see the value with that LCD (I even bought one of those LCDs and have used to hook to some devices here at home), and it's a nice size and the text would be readable.
I do have concerns about number of files, but I feel that's the same with all of these devices, and there are mitigations, such as folders or just not trying to put every ADF on the device. ;-)

This project also interests me, especially as it leverages another mass produced device which can bring the price way down.
Now, the way I look at it, if I want a full mini screen LCD, I'll go with the Pi method. If I want a polished package (which I basically consider retail), the HxC is the choice.
If I want the "basic model" that just works, this looks good.

Also, from what I've seen, there are "choices" in most of these models that involve cutting your case, but that is not required with any of them.
I've ordered the parts for this option, as I'm cheap :-), and I like the thought that there is some work (minor soldering to get the header pins, etc. Not required, but right at my level) in this one...

I wouldn't cut my Amiga case. I can take the GOTEK out of its case, move the LCD and buttons to get it to line up without doing that.
Of course, that's more work than some people want to do..
Guess what, there is the great product called the HxC (and soon the Pi based one with Kipper2k's board) where you won't have to do that...

Aren't options a great thing? ;-)

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