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@Zetr0 : I just remember that you write to me on amibay 2 years ago for a production of the hxc under licence, so i now understand your position . I just cannot manage 2 differents producer in the same time, expectally for the same product. Maybe for a next time ?
EDIT : The slim cost is 59E

Originally Posted by mr.vince View Post
Jeff, I can absolutely understand your frustration. Everyone apparently could make a better device for a fraction of the price.

We both know good software does not grow on trees...
Yes, the BOM cost @10K/100K units is often used to tell you that your device is too expensive... just irrelevant...And the most important part still missing -> The software. How many days/months/years this will take to make it work properly ? Not any easy question to answers for sure, especially when the software is constantly improved...

But this is not the subject of this thread so now back to the topic.
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