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I don't want to start any war or bad feeling Jeff, I do admire your work.

My statements are not in any way an attack on you, my appologies if I have offended you.

In my personal (and professional) opinion the HxC is over priced compared to other solution at a similar cost. It is only in this comparison that I can say this - 69 Euros is a lot of money when for about half of this I can get mass storage and 8MB of FAST RAM on my A500.

My work and hobbies are micro-electronic in nature so I know associated costs, in my humble opinion your exclusive license with Lotharek for assemble / distribution is while your right, has increased the cost of the HxC quite a bit since you originally brought it out.

But that just my take on it.

I do think the HxC is a wonderful product, and one I would be happy to support, but I do have reservations and my opinions.
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