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Black bar should be gone now, also centering is now forced to reset if screen mode changes, previously "good enough" test passed and new mode was left non-centered. (Which also happened with old versions, only way to force it was to start emulation again)

My testing method:

Use overscan prefs to select some specific resolution (for example 648x280), use WinUAE GUI Display panel to set window size to exact same values, centering is correct if image is now perfectly positioned, no border or gaps in any window edge. Then move overscan area, without changing resolution, save it again, screen should stay same, pixel perfectly.

Change resolution, try again and so on..

I did multiple tests with different resolutions and it was always perfect. This is the only proper testing method, comparisons with other versions is not valid, it may be also wrong!

Important note: last scanline is now filled with border color, this is correct, real hardware does exact same, old versions showed real last line of bitmap in max overscan modes. This can seem like incorrect centering, especially in interlaced modes with max overscan.

If you still have wrong centering, include screenshot of overscan prefs screen, that also shows winuae window borders.

btw, how did you get so large non-black borders? This shouldn't happen with your attached config.
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