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TVPaint 3.0

Over in this thread Harry O posted about TVPaint 3.0 and uploaded images of his original disks to The Zone. TVPaint needs a dongle but I have uploaded an archive with patched executables to The Zone. Replace the original executable with the patched one after installing.

Anyway. There are three executables, for Picasso, EGS and Retina RTG systems. I think Picasso96 is supposed to support applications written for the original Picasso RTG system so in theory the Picasso version could/should work with WinUAE/uaegfx.

But I tried that and TVPaint opens an RTG screen but the screen is all black and mouse pointer doesn't move. The system hasn't locked up; you can leftAmiga-M to bring Workbench to the front.

Then I tried using an emulated Piccolo card with EGS. With that, TVPaint opens an all-black screen but the mouse pointer does move.

Can anyone get TVPaint 3.0 to work in WinUAE?
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