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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
How can text on an LCD navigated with buttons beat the TV screen, navigated with keyboard & mouse / joystick? Especially if you have hundreds of ADF's. The HxC and Gotek native Amiga disk mangers both offer the opportunity for box artwork & stills with an I game style disk manager and I just can't see why you'd want an LCD?
Obviously you have never used a HXC before. You can have all your roms sorted into A-Z Folders for easy browsing. The HXC allows browsing for as many folders as you want to setup.

Also with the HXC there are 2 ways to browse through the roms on the LCD panel, you either press the select next button to skip through each rom one at a time, for fine selecting.

Or you can hold the select next button down and it will rapidly browse through 100's of roms on the LCD panel, it literally takes seconds to find any floppy i want to play out of the complete collection of amiga games i have on my sd card. And once you find the rom you want, press a button to select it and it boots.
Have a look at this video, about 1 minute into it to see how browsing works on the HXC LCD with buttons, not my video but a good example-
[ Show youtube player ]

My A1200 also has the sd card slot were the floppy drive used to be, so it's easy to hotswap cards.
Also the text on the LCD panel actually scrolls so you can read the entire name, you can also set the scroll speed to your liking in the HXC cfg tool, which is really easy to use.

And if you need to swap a disk in a game, you simply press the select next or previous button and it mounts the next disk for you, all it takes is one button press.

Plus if you wanted an Igame style floppy manager with screenshots, as you have mentioned the HXC has the alternative boot menu you can display on your monitor as well.
But this takes longer, as you have to boot up the boot menu, then pick a rom to boot.
Where is having the LCD and buttons lets you skip that first stage of having to boot up a menu, it's much quicker!

Also if your worried about having- "The opportunity for box artwork & stills with an I game style disk manager" when using a floppy emulator solution, why wouldn't you simply use a cf card and WHDload/Igame instead or floppies??

I have WHDload and all the games on my Amigas as well, the HXC is only used for stuff that hasn't been converted to WHDload yet.

The one negative thing about the HXC is that you have to convert your adf roms into the HXC's custom rom format.
But you can use the HXC utility to do mass rom conversions in one go, so it's not that much of an issue.

I'm not knocking the Gotek solution, simply clarifying how quick and easy it is to use a HXC with LCD panel and buttons.

If the Gotek had this option it would fantastic!

Originally Posted by Starglider 2 View Post
Unless you are installing an LCD screen and buttons, to my knowledge you should be able to put a basic HXC in to replace your original floppy drive, without having to do any major modding or cutting, and then use the onscreen boot menu to select your floppies. I see they have quite a few different HXC's in there store now, it's really just personal preference, and whether you want a screen or not etc.

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