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Kryoflux vs SuperCardPro?

Originally Posted by alexh View Post
Can people use KF to image original game disks (presumably protected) and use these images directly?

As IFW posted... There are various converters around for Stream, and eg HxC also supports them.

So yes, can be used today. Direct copies made with SCP have the usual generation loss issues. You can as well use Cyclone, Synchro Express or any other direct copier.

Oh, and here's an excerpt from a newsletter we sent out on Feb, 14th. I've just put it up on the forums (

DTC Scripting & IPF creation

That's one of the major requests that came in shortly after the very first release, but it also means a bucketload of work. Some time ago, we started a poll on our forums to find out about how new platforms and formats should be supported.

We have opted to go for for the second place of the poll. The first place would have meant adding more formats statically. Since reverse engineering the original recording scheme can be very time consuming, this would mean setting priorities and not being able to support certain platforms - for years! The upcoming scripting host links into the heart of DTC, thus enabling you to define your own formats. This means while we continue working on KryoFlux, the community can independently create and share format descriptors. This brings in huge flexibility and speed. It is also the way floppy disks were replicated back in the good old days, so it is a proven concept.

It will also bring user created IPFs. Our format is already standard for authentic and verified Amiga, PC, Atari ST, Amstrad CPC and Spectrum preservation and supported by various emulators. Since IPFs are scripted, whatever needs to be added, can be put in. This means IPFs can store whatever data you may have, even the most sophisticated recording scheme violations - mostly used for copy protection. This is long term preservation as it should be.
This means User-made IPFs, with the same quality we can achive. These scripts can be shared and modified, cloned, turned into new ones. Basically the best of both worlds. Perfect, verified archival copies, no need to submit to us - as you have noticed we're totally swamped. Keep in mind, we are not a paid institution, but everything we do is done in our spare time.

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