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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
With Kryoflux you cannot do that for PROTECTED formats. You have to make a STREAM dump, send it to SPS and they sent you back an IPF image, but this can take weeks sometimes years.
I think it would be quite straightforward for emulators to support reading stream dumps. Whether any emulators currently have that capability is another matter.

I've figured out most of the ".raw" dump format used by the ctprog imaging program, so it would be possible for an emulator to support that type of raw dump too. The missing part is figuring out how to decompress the timing data. That would likely be quite simple for someone who knows more about data compression than I do; ctprog probably uses some kind-of-standard algorithm to compress the data. Copy protected disks which have varying density like Rob Northen wouldn't work without the timing info.
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