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Tough choice....

I'd say SuperCopy Pro. Simply because the data you capture can be used "Today" and not 5-10 years in the future.

With an SCP you can make your own PROTECTED disk image and use it straight away with an emulator which supports SCP format.

With Kryoflux you cannot do that for PROTECTED formats. You have to make a STREAM dump, send it to SPS and they sent you back an IPF image, but this can take weeks sometimes years.

The amount of Amiga IPF releases from SPS has dwindled. It is far far less than the number of raw dumps people have provided in recent years. I have seen lots of posts saying they provided dumps with absolutely zero feedback. Not good.

JimDrew is making bugfixes to his work open and quickly. People are making and sharing SCP dumps on a regular basis. Emulators are adopting the SCP format. There is no doubt that Jim Drew of SCP is a smart guy and very enthusiastic about his project. But being very smart he is quite arrogant that he knows exactly what he's doing and no-one can tell him anything.

Saying that the SPS/Kryoflux team were quite arrogant at the start, all closed source and mysterious. They have mellowed and become more open in the last few years.

But.... which format is being adopted more in Emulators? IPF format? or SCP format? I don't know. IPF is very widely used in Amiga emulators. But less so on other platforms. It has barely scratched the surface in Atari ST world where the STX (PaSTi) format is king and SCP is catching up.

Which format is less likely to have images with "dirty disk" errors in them?

Well IPF images are "proven" to be unmodified and good quality captures as they are released only by SPS.

SuperCopyPro images can be made and distributed by anyone with no quality check. But high quality analysis tools free to the public are being produced to help users determine the quality of their dumps.

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