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Fairlight CMI Samples 4 Trackers (MAJOR UPDATE)

Here is the 1:1 conversion of the Fairlight CMI sample library straight from disk to 8svx to use with amiga! NOW WITH THE ORIGINAL LOOP AND ENVELOPE DATA PRESERVED!

The Fairlight Computer Musical Instrument was one of the first commercial digital sampling synthesizer in the early 1980s

This could be IMHO the highest quality sample library available for amiga, as this takes the original digital sample data from the source (8bit,A=14080khz) and is converted 1:1 without using a sampler. Note each sample it is perfectly tuned to C-3 and is very easy to reloop (128 cycles-long step always works).

Here you can find some of the ST-XX samples in its original form (you will be amazed how clear they sound even in the same sampling rate) and some others famous samples (this daw was used in almost every 80s hit).

The 8 bit library is divided in two parts:

I) The Original Library: Available in both IFF-8SVX (with the original loops preserved) and FastTracker XI (with the original envelope data).

II) The Recovered Library: Recovered from the remain faulty disks by hand using OctaMED SoundStudio. Duplicate files has been finally removed for convenience. It is available only in IFF-8SVX (with some loops by me). Most of modern pc-trackers use IFF without issues.

This is the final revision for the Fairlight Library (at least for me). To anyone who can find new loops for the recovered library: I'll hope see his work in this post, so the library will be updating by itself.

Happy tracking!!

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