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indeed there's a dedicate Atari ST page for bobs records : that explain quite well that sometimes waveform, numbers of colors, background or music make the challenge and not only the numbers of bobs.

I don't know if it's cheat or not but few prods on Amiga :
Gurky Bobs (Intro) by Phenomena (420 bobs)
Bob Revolution (Demo) by Celtic (700 bobs)
Best Bob Demo -720 Bobs- (Demo) by Vision One & Alpha Flight
and the famous "cheat" but nice unlimited bobs : Unlimited Bobs + (Intro) by Dragons

i think i'll remember forever of prods which make a good example of nice background, music, code and use of bobs :
Bobs In Space
Demons Are Forever (Demo) by Dr. Mabuse Orgasm Crackings

in fact after making such challenge i think coder learn a lot of tricks and tried to use them in different way as for example bobs scroller (snurkel, twist) like this famous part [ Show youtube player ] or use different kind of bobs such as in Mental Hangover / SCOOPEX or [ Show youtube player ] (bobs, stencil, 3D) or Megademo / RSI as well as Cebit'90 / RSI but i'm a bit offtopic

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