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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Not a bug. Doublescanned modes disable line doubling because all other doublescan modes would be too high with line doubling. (Don't say just enable if it is "small enough". It isn't that simple
[Did you mean programmed scanrate modes? Because Super72 800300 isn't double-scanned.]

Resurrecting this old thread because I was curious... what's the reason for not being able to double all non-interlaced modes which have VTOTAL less than, say, $1B0 lines? (When line mode = Doubled of course.)

VTOTAL values for different modes:

SUPER72 VTOTAL $0156 = 342. WinUAE doesn't double.
HD720 VTOTAL $017C = 380. WinUAE does double HD720.
HighGfx 1024x384 VTOTAL $0194 = 404. WinUAE doesn't double this.
EURO72 640x400 VTOTAL = $01C1 = 449. WinUAE doesn't double this (which is correct).

So the threshold value to decide whether or not to double would be somewhere between 404 and 449.
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