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"Fix" for Makaveli-Demo by Essence

A friendly Hello to all Amiga Sceners in the UK!

I am usually part of the german-based a1k-Forum and only a passive reader of EAB, mostly when I need expertise regarding UAE in general or when I have problems to get certain games running.

Recently I found and solved an issue with the WHDLoad-Install of the Makaveli-Demo by Essence and after posting on a1k I have been advised to drop a note for the colleagues at EAB, since they also do a lot of WHDLoad stuff.

So here we go, I hope that my info can be useful for some of you:

The current WHDLoad install for Makaveli to be found at needs a Makaveli demo archive called esc-maka.lha which will be unpacked and processed during WHDLoad setup.

If you download esc-maka.lha from right now and use it to execute WHDLoad Setup, then the demo won't start, with WHDLoad saying that either the Demo file is wrong or the WHDLoad version.

As I had various issues with xadmaster.library-based depacking during WHDLoad install and attempts to patch Makaveli for 040 compatibilty without WHDLoad, I made an interesting discovery: The Makaveli.exe file in the maka-esc.lha-archive is crunchmania-packed. If you uncrunch the .exe with xfddecrunch and THEN put this changed Makaveli.exe into a NEW lha-Archive and feed WHDLoad Setup with it, the demo will WORK.

Please don't be irritated if the filesize of the crunchmania-depacked exe is the same as the crunchmania-packed one. This was the case on my system and could be a source for further misunderstandings so I better write about this here.

The easisest way would be now in my opinion to change the esc-maka.lha file on Aminet and ensure, that a crunchmania-depacked version lies in the lha-Archive for WHDLoad-usage. But since I don't know if I am allowed to or if I violate any rights by offering content I have not created myself, I decided not do do anything, but inform you.

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