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I looked but I can't say nothing specific. As I don't know it from before I didn't know what to expect. And it was also confusing. I would say the demo started and then maybe I joined and then even some strange RGB effect happend(something like every color layer shifted left or right for itself...

A few games fooled me also in WinUAE. Even when you select accurate 100% 68020 they run faster. Also beside the games that work in WinUAE and not on real hardware there are games that don't work in WinUAE but work on real hardware. I think that with FIFA HD in WinUAE I wasn't able to pass the menus of the game but on real cd32 it works. Can't remebre now more examples... Final fight, joe and mac maybe...

Back to your cd Mikro Mortal Tennis won't load.

And for curiosity If you're interested I tried Big Red Adventure on cd32, installed, made bootable, added fakemouse. In WinUAE everything works. On real cd32 also like FIFA can't load mods but you can play it without music. And you can choose from what part of the game you want to start so even without saves it's playable I would say.
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