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Hi Cobe,

As above, I left it out because it would have made every other game on the compilation slower to load, it's best to play Viddi's standalone release:

I was going to include Super Street Fighter 2 DX on the compilation but it would have required changing the ISOCD settings (which in turn would make the other games on the compilation slower). I had also incorrectly assumed that the version available for CD32 was not working, but it was only because I had misinterpreted the splash screen instructions (you have to hold down RED until the console reboots and the Capcom screen appears)
For whatever reason I couldn't get Fifa to run from HDD so I needed to go with ADFs, only for them to not work when I compiled the ISO. I figured it was just something dumb I had done like not include the drivers in the CD. I'm almost certain I'll be able to get it working in the next release.

Regarding IK, it has speed settings (that you select with the keyboard from 1-6, fastest to slowest). 4 "felt" right in WinUAE (emulating 68020 speed) so I made it so it sets it to speed 4 when you hit the fire button, but I guess on real hardware it would be more appropriate to use a faster speed. I'll give it a test sometime.

Have you had a look at the Speed! demo?

Edit: Regarding MK1, I'll look into it thanks. Hopefully it's just the NOVBRMOVE tooltype that needs to be set.

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