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Logistix dongle info

In the WinUAE source file dongle.cpp there is support for a Logistix/SuperBase dongle. But that isn't a selectable option in the Dongle drop-down in IO Ports settings.

Also I disassembled my copy of Logistix to see what its dongle check code does. I haven't tried to figure out what components are in the actual dongle, but based on the check code, the Logistix dongle could differ from the SuperBase one. I can upload my disk images if needed.

The check code basically does this (without disabling multi-tasking...):
  • Loop reading vhposr until vertical beam position is 0 (or 256, since vhposr only has low 8 bits of vertical position).
  • Write 1 to potgo to start pots
  • CPU-speed dependent wait loop:
    	clr.l	(-8,A6)
    .Delay	cmpi.l	#1000,(-8,A6)
    	bge.b	.Done
    	addq.l	#1,(-8,A6)
    	bra.b	.Delay
    .Done	... more code ...
  • Loop reading vhposr until low 8 bits of vertical position are 0.
  • Check bit 14 of potgor (DATRY, I/O data Paula pin 36). Must be 1 for check to pass.
  • The Y value in the upper byte of pot1dat must be between 4 and 8 inclusive for the check to pass.

Edit to add: My version of Logistix is 1.11 NA (NA presumably short for North America since I bought it from someone in the USA).

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