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Why this appens?!?

Hi everyone.
i don't know why this appens...
i'm running winuae 2.5.10 on a arcade cabinet with an old pc (athlon xp 2700+, matrox g400 video card and windows xp); i made some .uae configuration files, one configuration file = one game (whd installs).
if i launch winuae.exe and then load and start a configuration file, the game starts and everything is ok with the settings; if i doubleclick directly the .uae file the game starts but (i don't know why) the null filter option goes enabled (even if it is disabled) and the result is that i have a black frame on the 4 sides so the image don't fit the monitors border.

i don't know if i made myself clear, maybe i can take pictures...

it's normal or i miss something?

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