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I'm thinking you'd probably need to do something so the RAM isn't physically tied to the same address lines?

In Tom's, it would probably be cutting traces (pretty extreme). Not sure if that can be changed with a CPLD (as I don't really know what a CPLD is.. ;-)

The autoaddram command I use I just tell it the address range and it adds whatever it finds.
I'm guessing autoconfig does something similar, but what happens when you have more than 1 memory chip tied to the same lines?
So, even if I only autoaddram the range that doesn't conflict, the ACA will still conflict with the RAM I haven't autoaddram'd, as they are both tied to the same address lines..
(That's a guess from a non-hardware guy)

So, how might you change it so that only 2M is actually addressed, not just config'd?

(Honestly, I don't expect people to be cutting traces on boards, but I wonder if a newly designed 2M board that only has 2M addressed might work? Or possibly a CPLD if it can do that.. I have to google that.. ;-)
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